My Teaching Life

Early in my high school years in Taipei First Girls' Senior High School (TFG), I joined First Girls' Information Study Club (FGISC, 北一資研) and later became the lecturer in the club. Since then, my passion for teaching has been fired. In these years, I always enjoy the moments standing on the stage to share what I know with students and have interaction with them. Even after graduation, I often go back to have fun with those young generations. One course I taught was C programming, and my teaching materials can be found here.

In addition, since 2008, I have become the trainer in TFG to train studens to be contestants for International Olympiad in Informatics. Teaching data structure & algorithms is challenging and interesting. It is awesome to see students to be fascinated by the essential parts of computer science. (My teaching materials and videos can be found here.)

After I joined National Taiwan University Toastmasters Club (NTUTM) in February 2009, I also became the lectuer to share my knowledge of doing speeches. Here are full materials for my lectures of Slides Design and Script Writing.

In Fall 2012, I served as the TA in Introduction to Computer Programming (CSIE1210) and Algorithm Design and Analysis (CSIE2136). In Spring 2013, I was the TA in Intro C Programming. Now, as a PhD student, I certainly believe my teaching life will keep going... :-)